Firstly: Clear cache in your browser!

In some places your browser may have an old part of our game. Let’s try to refresh it!
Follow these instructions:
1. Click ->

2. Select "Website Storage Settings" 

3. Click "Delete all sites"

Secondly: Keep up to date with the latest version of Flash Player.

If you have a problem with launching game, please check your version of Adobe Flash Player. This 
software is for free and used for viewing Flash applications (like New Rock City and Fruit Puzzle).
Click here -> <- to download the latest version.

If your game still doesn't work, please contact us at Picadilla Help Center.

To help us solve your problem attach following information:

- ID (User ID)
- url of your profile on facebook
- your browser
- your country (city)
- internet service provider

That’s all! Now go back to the game! :)