Since Flash Player update ver., some players experience problems with loading the game on multiple browsers. We have listed some of the working solutions below. Check them and play New Rock City without problems!

Google Chrome

  1. Make sure, that your Flash Player is up to date:
  2. Access chrome://settings/content/flash through Chrome's address bar.
  3. Disable the "Ask First" option.
  4. Make sure, that New Rock City site isn't blocked.

5. Reopen the game and enjoy New Rock City!

If Flash Player message is still displayed, please proceed to the next point.

6. Click on "Secure" button (with a padlock icon).

7. Choose one of two options:

  • Always allow on this site
  • Use global default (Allow)

8. Reload the page and enjoy New Rock City!

Mozilla Firefox

1. Update Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash Player:

2. Type "about:addons" in the search bar (omnibox) or access Add-ons panel.
3. Enter Plugins tab.
4. Make sure, that Shockwave Flash is set to "Always Activate".

5. Click "Options" button next to Shockwave Flash.
6. Uncheck "Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content".

7. Restart the game.

Internet Explorer

1. Access browser's settings.

2. Select "Manage add-ons".

3. Access "Toolbars and Extensions" panel.

4. Enable Shockwave Flash Object.

5. Reload the game and enjoy New Rock City!


We strongly recommend checking game's performance on one of above mentioned browsers. If you're a Facebook user, please also launch the game on Facebook Gameroom.

If your game still doesn't work, please submit a new ticket on Picadilla Help Center.
To help us solve your problem attach following information:
- ID (User ID)
- url of your profile on facebook
- your browser
- your country (city)
- internet service provider

We hope it helped!